March 20 — April 20


1ST WORLDWIDE ONLINE PMU CONFERENCE & CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 organised BY Onika Elena & Oksana Martynenko. @pmu_endorphin

The «PMU ENDORPHIN» Conference is a great opportunity to learn all the secrets from the best trainers in the world and to fill all the gaps, all the missing pieces of the «puzzle», in order to become a professional in PMU industry.

Improving your skills makes you outstanding, accordingly you become more self-confident. As a result the level of your ENDORPHIN will increase hundred times.

14 World-known SPEACKERS:

@onika_elena (Ukraine)
@o.martynenko (Estonia)
@pmubylulu (USA)
@tonibelfatto (Italy)
@veronika_linkute (Lithuania)
@anna.marastudio (USA)
@romazanova_alla (Belarus)
@lamajja.breezybrows (Czech Republic)
@jamesolaya (Brazil)
@dora_hollos (Hungary) (Vietnam)
@theartofsmp (USA)

+ BONUS 2 SECRET speakers

From all over the World special for you, special for your ENDORPHIN.

  • 14 theoretical LIVESTREAMS
  • 14 demonstration LIVESTREAMS
  • CHAMPIONSHIP with amazing prizes, sponsored by @microbeauofficial

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«Trendy brows»

Most trendy look of the eyebrows. Looks like natural but its not…? Possible!
Will disscuss about:
• sketch ( most important things to know)
• which pigments to choose? Pros and cons of mineral and organic pigments.
• needle adjustment
• few colors must be used for achieving super natural looking effect

«Hyper-realitic male eyebrow»

During the conference Toni will talk about the differences between male and female eyebrow, how to realize a good male eyebrow and all the technicians aspects.

SCALP micropigmantation SMP

What sets me apart from alot of people in my industry? People get to this industry for the money. YES, ITS AMAZING MONEY!
But I do these procedures with love and passion! I feel like I was blessed with a gift to change peoples lives! I wake up every morning thankful for the life Im living. And to change peoples life foreal!

OMG «Cashmere» Brows

Probably the toughest but at the same time most creative technique in PMU industry – is hairstrokes technique! I will tell you why it is worth falling in love with this technique, how to simplify it and most important – how to develop your own creative skills in order to create your own unique schemes and patterns.

OMG “Cashmere” Brows – at the first place this is my newest unique technology of performing the eyebrows in hairstrokes technique, because I am always aimed at a qualitatively healed result. This technique allows you to achieve perfect result from the very first treatment. Everything is much easier than it seems!

OMG “Cashmere” Brows technique allows to create an effect of thick and fluffy eyebrows which are actually a modern trend of our time.

«Cat eyes»

Naturalness — is my well-known and recognized signature, visible through all my works, because I deeply convinced that every women is a Goddess.

With the «Cat’s eyes» technique you will be able to emphasize the natural beauty of every single women, who has the same representation of beauty.

The «Cat’s eyes» technique is a perfect combination of light transparent shading and soft line, which make your look more delicate.

Just make a natural accent on your eyes with luxurious «Cat’s eyes» technique from Onika Elena.

Ultimate Powder Brows

There’s a relation about time and speed, the ideal application will be always connected to the effect that you want. There’s a lot of ways to how to implant the perfect pixel. On this course, you will found your mistakes and will learn in the best way how to make extraordinary powder brows.

Hairstrokes Asian

Hairstroke — Veinbrows is known as creative technique because of its realistic. The combination between three different skills : Airy, Tiktak & Mono movement make this technique becomes unique. And the most interesting thing is, Hairstroke can be done on all skin types even for Big Pores, Oily, Thick skin.

Shaded eyeliner

World Renowned and international PMU trainer from USA.
Creator of Watercolor Lips and Airy Brows techniques. Founder of Mara Colors Pigments and MARA Pro equipment.

From playing with makeup in the department store in her childhood to calling manufacturers from the top-of-the-industry chemical cosmetic factories and building completely modern and unique brand for cosmetic tattoo world, Anna thinks she came to this industry not by chance: “I really wanted to be here and create something NEW – modern way of permanent makeup.”, and first and foremost, she has always been a permanent makeup artist. Her vision is to create natural enhancements, yet make people feel confident with just being themselves.

Realistic Areola

Alla is an amazing person, who is helping women after breast cancer to fill themselfs confident.

Her amazing technique of areola creation will never leave you indifferent.

«Breezy» Brows

BreezyBrows is a style creates an effect of airy and a little bit untidy eyebrows, that is in today ́s world of fashion on the highest level.

You can see this style of the eyebrow on all catwalks, magazine covers, and many well-known models.

The goal of this technique is maximal naturalness that has a little bit untidy effect but at the same time created perfect and native shape and appearance.

BreezyBrows is not just a «technique». Mainly… it is the style. You can create this style with using microblading or machine strokes.

However the most BreezyBrows works are made by using of combination by blade and machine.

It is the only one technique where the strokes are created in combination of these two tools, which has very nice healing results.

It is necessary to say that BreezyBrows style is not for everyone. Someone will love more tidy eyebrows with strict lines without any hairs outside of the shape. But there exists huge clientele that desires untidy, airy, fresh eyebrow and that is what BreezyBrows is about.

BreezyBrows is a new style of permanent makeup presented under PhiBrows Academ

Melanin Lips Correction

For many years tattooing of Dark lips has been up for debate, but since the popularity of permanent makeup, techniques ,theories ,technologies used have changed dramatically.

This procedure can be life changing.
Only one method can help is a dark lips correction tattooing with the right pigments and right technique.

Lulu’s dark lip correction has be tested by the top artists in the industry, through researching and development top companies such a Permablend, Evenflo and Microbeu and group of dermatologists.

This technique is only for experienced professionals.

«Angel Brow»

Angel Brow is a new wave, heavenly technique inspired by the glorious feathers of angel wings designed to fill up and perfect any sort of eyebrows.
May it be just a bit too sparse at the end or completely bald due to certain health conditions, Angel Brow is the perfect technique to gift guests with bushy, delicate, soft and airy brows.
With a unique texture finish, this method utilizes a special amount of hair connections and one-of-a-kind body structure to achieve results as close to real life as it gets. With many hair pattern options available, it is suitable to satisfy the needs of any woman, regardless of age, race, hair color or facial structure. In addition to widely used hairstroke shading methods utilizing many colors for a 3D result, a new structure of handwork is introduced in this technique to establish that truly natural density.
Various types of hair connections and hair strokes promote this effect for an even more established body. When working with this method properly, the end result is a brow that literally flows in front of the naked eye.


Online PMU Championship 2021

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and become a winner!?
Participate in the PMU “Endorphin» Online Championship 2021 and win best prizes from our biggest SPONSOR American company “Microbeau” @microbeauofficial  — leader on a PMU market.

please note the organizer has the right to change the speakers and the date of broadcasts