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Master class for artists with experience more than 1 year in permanent make-up. Onika Elena will teach you:
° All secrets of perfect permanent makeup
° Coloristic for all techniques and pigments ° How to create pixels
° How to achieve good healing from 1st treatment
° Fast and ideal design ° Needles and devices
° Aspects of working with different skin types
° Rules of hand position

1st Day:
Course program:
10:00 presentation
10:30 demonstration of powder brows
11:30 questions
11:45 coffee brake
12:00 lips presentation
12:30 demonstration «Diamond Lips»
14:00 questions
14:30 dinner
15:00 eyeliner presentation
15:30 demonstration of «Cat eyes» technique
17:30 questions
18:00 certificates
The students will get the study materials + latex
The students should take their devices to practice on latex
2nd Day:
Practice on live models.
Student will have 2 models to practice Powder Eyebrows and Lips.
10:00 Eyebrows
13:00 Brake
13:30 Lips

Course price:
1000€ + 20% VAT / 1 day/ per person
1000 € + 20% VAT / 2nd day / per person
Instructor: Onika Elena
Additional questions: ‎+380938832787

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